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Welcome to the African Pathogen Data Sharing and Archive Platform

Agari (an Amharic word meaning to share and benefit) is a continental platform is a continental platform for National Public Health Institutions (NPHIs), National Reference Labs (NRLs), Research and Academic institutions to upload and share pathogen sequence and associated metadata.
This platform is being piloted for real time pathogen genomics data management, sharing and exchange in Africa. The platform allows users to upload, share, explore, and download pathogen sequence and associated metadata as per data use guidelines provided by each country. The data contained in this platform is shared by Member States and made available by the Africa CDC. Africa CDC’s goal is to deliver a highly secured, trusted, public health oriented and seamless solution to facilitate the real-time sharing of pathogen sequence data.

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What the platform does

The Agari pilot development and implementation is based on the CanCoGen VirusSeq data portal, developed at the Ontario Institute of Cancer Research (OICR). The Agari platform provides its services on a Kubernetes cluster. The landing page allows the public to see summary information of what is in the data portal.
A registration button facilitates authorisation and authentication. Registered users can upload NGS data and associated metadata. The metadata is indexed and allows rapid customised query searches. Dashboards are used to provide visual summaries of datasets and provenance information.

How to use this platform

There is adequate information on the landing page that can be accessed without the need to register for an account. The navigation panel to the left provides quick access to information about the portal. The registration link provides users with a mechanism to request an account. Registered users can upload within-country generated datasets and associated metadata, download datasets, browse metadata and have access to a record of previous activity on the portal.